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Product Description

This trading course is ideal for people wishing to learn trading skills to take control of their own finances:

  • Retired, semi—retired individuals. with money to trade/invest or those wishing to diversity their financial interests
  •  Individuals who want make more of their money than their own bank or managed investments can achieve
  • Those looking to top up incomes alongside their every day jobs

The Forex Trading Academy and strategic partner iMarkets Live are privately owned educators based in the UK providing programmes in financial markets trading.
We pride ourselves on being the most trusted providers of trading skills education, putting your needs first in everything we do.
We offer courses to individuals looking to develop their understanding and experience of financial markets trading with a view to earning additional income through trading. or enhancing their career opportunities.

Our trading courses combine theoretical teaching with practical trading experience under the watchful eyes of our team of professional traders and mentors. Our courses can be studied in-house. online, or via a blended combination of each.

Working in partnership with a number partners enables us to provide cutting edge technology and up to-the minute news and data to support the learning process.

Trading Course Benefits

  • To provide the knowledge and skills to trade profitably in financial markets
  • To provide a comprehensive understanding of how fundamental and technical analysis are used in real life situations by financial market professionals
  • To teach students how to apply academic knowledge to manage risk and build reliable strategies for trading real-time financial markets
  • To introduce students to market leading software, data and applications from our technology partners
  • To demonstrate the importance of trading psychology and strong mental control when trading
  • To educate students to the standard required to pass the Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading


Why book this Forex Trading Course?

  • Fit around your lifestyle: You can take our flexible course at your own pace, from home, part—attendance or on campus.
  • Whichever learning format you choose, you’ll receive an accredited education from our experienced academics and traders.
  • Learn alongside experienced experts: Our mentoring team includes senior traders and lecturers with more than 20 years’ trading experience from investment banks and renowned trading firms.
  • Take control of your investments: You’ll gain the insight to help you develop wealth creation strategies. understand how to take advantage of short term opportunities and create lucrative income streams.
  • Build your networks: You’ll be learning with like-minded individuals with whom you can share trading ideas, develop teamwork skills and enhance your trading skills in a practical. professional way. using the latest platforms.

Successful trading requires a deep understanding of:

  • Fundamental analysis and macroeconomic news
  • Technical analysis
  • Trading psychology
  • Risk management

The course has been structured to provide you with all the information and tools you need to learn the required skills and apply them to create a structured and disciplined trade plan.

Reasons to attend our trading course

  • Online
  • Trading course reference manuals and lecture slides — to help you revise and recap the content of the video lectures
  • Detailed answers to frequently asked questions (FAQS) ~ answers are given in text format with more complex questions also having video explanations
  • Online chat and discussion forums:
  • Chat online with the team any day from 07.00 to 17.00 London time
  •  Interact with other students
  • Receive one—on-one advice and feedback on your trading strategy to help the development of your trade plan
  • Access to one-on—one help and advice from professional traders and mentors
  • Access to real time Squawk news commentary
  • Apply learned knowledge to real time markets
  • ractice your trading techniques on a £50,000 demo account as markets react to real live events with no risk of real money losses while studying
  • Listen to the mentors and professionals and ask any questions of our live traders in these daily open Q&A session
  • Identify potential trading opportunities both intraday and longer term


Our aim is to ensure that all of your personal goals are met, so if you have any questions or issues after you finish your course, then you are welcome to contact us for help and advice.
We want you to succeed in your career and we will do everything in our power to help.

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